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Three R’s

I am keen to re-learn my three R’s.

It was Arts Open here in Castlemaine on the weekend. Art Studios opened their doors and the weather was perfect for touring them and seeing how local artists reduce, re-use and recycle.

In the end I only visited a handful of artists, choosing on the second day to return to the place I regard as the most masterful of them all. Visiting the Iron Art Garden in nearby Newstead took me, on the wings of memory, back fifty five years to the times when I visited The Arches, a world of wonder created by Archie Hair. As I tried to drink in the detail it seemed to me that Archie was still alive and well.

Roger McKindley has an extraordinary way of seeing the world. In his world no item is broken or past its use by date. Each piece tells him where it needs to be placed and the assemblage, his careful placement of every object is truly remarkable.

This Iron Garden is an utter feast for the senses and has inspired me to check out things I have stashed in my garage and to place some things in my own garden.

Share your canny application of the three r’s.

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